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What a wonderful modern commentary about the life’s journey of a truly fine human being!
To have had the privilege and sheer joy to have known Gordy is to have been allowed to enhance life in unique ways applicable easily and and well!
For me his views are the magic of torah as wonderful street language to be used as we live as we need to be able yo react and respond as needed, rarely missing opportunities which present as ponderous contemplation could drown the possibilities of application of decent results. The essence of Gordy’s way of truly living life well!
While passionate in politics me on one side he on another, to know and observe and work side by side on issues of huge consequence he always opted for what was right, appropriate and effective, a recipe for what could and ultimately did work for the betterment of so many in need of help! He never feared trying and retrying until the solution finally was clear!
Giving up was not an option!
Here in short is a proper pathway too often missing here and now!
Memories of Gordy are truly as a blessing, a means to prompt a way to know and to absorb how life can be enhanced in living it thoughtfully and well! Thanks for this opportunity to be able to remember this passionate good man.
I have a feeling he would be pleased to see who is gathering around him now!

Warm regards all,
Mark Talisman



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