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Somehow my son Noah meet Gordon a few years ago when Noah was a teenager, they hit it off and Gordon took a keen interest in Noah, they stayed in touch and Gordon provided a great role model for Noah. I would say while there was a big age difference Gordon made Noah feel like a friend and gave his the encouragement to be a Jewish leader of the future, even when his days and hours were short he took the time to call Noah and encourage him on his path. I had the high honor of having lunch with Gordon and Noah once and while most conversations are usually filled with small talk. This one was filled with ideas, and way to overcome challenges. Gordon was a 1 in a million and  a giant of a man..



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  1. kim zacks


    It is quite obvious why my father took a liking to Noah…who could not? Noah is an exceptional person and for sure has a major gift to contribute to the world.

    It was my dad’s privilege to know Noah.

    And, I am glad to say that Noah was able to spend the afternoon with my dad, just six weeks before my dad passed away.

    How lucky they were to have that farewell!

    Wishing you continued joy from the nachos you have from your son and family! And thanks for writing on the webpage.


  2. Jack Miller

    Kim and Catherine,

    I just finished reading redefining moments and wanted to let you know how moving and thoughtful I found it. While nothing can fill the void that this great man has left, I hope you carry on his good work. You should know I as well as many who had the privilege to meet him try in our own very small way to carry on his work with passion. There is no question that his position as a role model inspires many to continue his work.

    He was a gift from Hasem. Your families and all of humanity have been blessed by him.

    Jack Miller

    • Cathy Zacks Gildenhorn

      Thank you. July 27, 2014, was our father’s unveiling. We miss him everyday. I know I always will. I think it’s such a blessing that his dream, the writing and publication of “Redefining Moments”, came true July 14, 2014. To living every moment with passion, purpose and love. Thank you so much, Cathy


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