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The following is a letter sent via Facebook to Redefining Moments editor Catherine Zacks Gildenhorn:

My dear Cathy,
I was going to call to share this with you personally. I probably still will, just so I can hear your voice. But I thought it would be better, and maybe something Gordy would have loved if I shared this with your Facebook community first. Carry the message, if you will. Your Dad’s book should be a staple of reading for adults much in the same way Dr. Seuss’ “Oh The Places You’ll Go” is a staple for graduating high school seniors. Gordy’s book, is a must read for people entering mid-life and beyond. I actually think your Dad went through the life he lived in order to write this book and leave it as a gift to all of us. Knowing him, I don’t think he intended it to be a gift. Knowing him, he intended it to bring closure to a life he considered blessed – and to leave that message for his children and grandchildren. But he did more. It is wise and humble and so centered and focused around one simple message – live life to the fullest (and not in the cliched version) and leave nothing unsettled behind. And LOVE. LOVE your way to the finish line.

I am luckier than most, I have had your Dad in my life since the day I was born. I was lucky enough to call him “Uncle” my whole life. His connection with my Dad stands as an example that I use in my relationships with other men. My relationship with my college roommates is modeled after what I witnessed between my Dad and Gordy. In his book, he emphasizes this. Friendship. Kindness. Love and care. Appreciation for others. Awakening to what you have and cherishing it.

Gordy was and remained a significant voice in my life decisions and choices. We didn’t see each other for years, which meant absolutely nothing. We always “saw” each other. The love was always there. He returned every call. No matter where he was. His last message to me is still saved on my phone and I listen to it when I need his spirit around me. I play it for people so they can hear what “love” sounds like. And that is all contained in this book. This book is an extension of that voice message he left me. This book is what “love” sounds like.

The message in “Redefining Moments” is not about the end, but about the beginning – the start of new thinking and behavior. This book will give meaning to anyone looking for it, and to anyone who never gave the meaning of life a second thought. It is powerful and simple and complete. It is needed and necessary. It’s sitting on my desk right now. I love you. I miss him every day. Love to your sister and family. –

There’s a picture of you and I somewhere, standing side by side when you came to Michigan to visit back in the 60′s (yep, that far back). I don’t know where it is – but it’s forever etched in my mind. Standing side by side. Because that’s what our Dads taught us to do. Always.




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