We’re so excited that Redefining Moments has been attracting attention in the media. Here are a few of our most recent appearances:

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2 Responses to “Book News”

  1. Cathy Zacks Gildenhorn

    Wonderful news for Redefining Moments. Our editor-in-chief Catherine Zacks Gildenhorn’s holiday reflections blog was posted on the National Hospice’s Moments of Life website– have a look!

    Happy Hanukkah and here’s to living every moment purposefully and lovingly!

    Redefining moments of life… at the holidays and every day.
    The daughter of a lifetime activist and writer remembers her father during Hanukkah… and reflects on his final work, written in just 30 days.

  2. Cathy Zacks Gildenhorn

    Hello friends of REDEFINING MOMENTS.
    The first months of 2015 have been a time of great reflection.

    January marked the third Yarzeit of Carol Sue Zacks, my beloved mother of blessed memory. February marked the first Yarzeit of Gordon Zacks, our beloved author and my beloved father of blessed memory. March 11th would have been Gordon’s 81st birthday. May 20th would have been Carol’s 79th birthday.

    In their loving memory, THE GORDON AND CAROL SUE ZACKS BETTER LIVING INITIATIVE has been established.
    The Initiative will donate copies of REDEFINING MOMENTS to the Hospitals, Cancer Centers and Hospice groups that provided both Gordon and Carol Sue with compassionate support, direction, treatment and care during difficult and challenging times. The books can then be gifted to appropriate patients, loved ones, caretakers and staff involved in their treatment. Whether in welcome packets or in common areas, the book can help bridge difficult topics and start new conversations.

    Catherine Zacks Gildenhorn