Are you looking for more of Gordy’s classic inspiration? Here is a recap of some of his quotes that have been featured both on our Facebook page and on the In Gordy’s Words section:

Do I weigh how I spend my time and my energy between love and purpose?”

My purpose in life is not your purpose – but each of us has our own purpose. And every personal sense of purpose is incredibly important.”


Stay true to your passions and the values that support them. Embrace your passions on every level and in every direction – your family every bit as much as your profession . . . your friends as much as your community . . . the person you are down-deep as much as the roles you feel obliged to play. If I have learned one thing in these revealing days, it’s Don’t stop now!

“Coming to terms with end of life helps many people grapple with significant life planning. Having a positive, clear-headed view of death may help others to live a better, more-fulfilling life themselves.”

“The end of life ” seems…as necessary to renewal as any facet of the structure of life itself…as vital as every other part of the process of living itself.”

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