About Gordon Zacks


About Gordon Zacks

Gordon Zacks (of blessed memory), an accomplished business and civic leader, woke one morning in December 2013 with a powerful pain. An evaluation by his doctor provided the news that he had just weeks to live. Gordon knew he had prostate cancer for several years, and it seemed to be pursuing an unhurried course. Unfortunately the cancer had changed its behavior and migrated to his liver.

Gordon -— a man passionately committed to leading a purposeful life—took stock of his fatal condition, summoned his limited remaining energy…and decided to write a book! He wanted this book to reveal what it was like to keep motivated and purposeful at the end of life…and, above all, to stay loving, living and vital.

As part of his farewell to life, Gordon invited family as well as friends and associates he had known over decades to his home. They shared stories, lessons and laughter in a series of meaningful, and riveting Celebration of Life events. Facing his final days, Gordon presents insights on living life to the fullest. His own and others’ encounters with the end of life offer opportunities to draw important lessons and pose provocative questions.

Redefining Moments chronicles the evolution of Gordon’s thoughts as the end of life approaches. Its pages frankly address how he grapples with the humiliations of being reduced to dignity-robbing dependency. The book reveals how Gordon copes when it becomes clear he can no longer complete everything that he had begun. To the end and despite all challenges, he radiates love and relentlessly seeks and achieves personal closure in an inspiring and positive way.

Enduring against his cancer’s painful toll, Gordon used his last strength to write this book in less than a month—completing one last purposeful contribution to a remarkable life.

Meaningful Moments with Gordy

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Gordy’s Encounter with the Rebbe:
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Gordy’s Encounter with the Rebbe
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