3. Celebrating Life



Chapter Three Highlights

Celebrating Life: Redefining How We Look at the End of Life

As part of his final days, Gordon invited family, friends and associates he had known over decades to his home. They shared stories, love, lessons and laughter in a series of memorable Celebration of Life events.

“Any person who has the privilege to attend their own Celebration of Life should focus very hard on the people who deserve public gratitude and acknowledgment.No matter who you are and what you have achieved – because what all of us achieve can make a difference far greater than we can ever imagine – a Life Celebration is the opportunity to say a genuine and deeply felt thank you in an unequaled way.

- Gordy Zacks

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Questions to Consider

1. With whom in your life do you need to achieve closure?

2. Are there lingering tensions or issues that are obstructing communication? . . . How can these barriers be overcome?

3. If you are in the last stages of life, ask yourself some questions before you have important conversations with people you love and care about:

  • Can I boil my main message down to 1-2 key priorities?
  • Can I make my points relevant to something important going on in the other person’s life?
  • Above all, am I emphasizing the person’s strengths and telling them how much they are appreciated?

4. How can I open my heart in helping a young person to realize his or her dreams?
Have I achieved closure with myself about my own contributions and achievements in life? Am I letting myself be sidetracked by guilt, unhappiness, or frustration? Do I instead embrace the constructive things I still might do to make the world a better place?

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