1. Purposeful Living



Chapter One Highlights

When the Mirror on the Wall Tells a Different Story

Embrace your passions on every level and in every direction – your family every bit as much as your profession… your friends as much as your community… the person you are down-deep as much as the roles you feel obliged to play. If I have learned one thing in these revealing days, it’s Don’t stop now!”
– Gordy

“My purpose in life is not your purpose – but each of us has our own purpose. And every personal sense of purpose is incredibly important – no matter if it’s keeping a family together, researching medicine in a laboratory, defending democracy on the world’s battlefields, or leading a nation. Everyone’s purpose is vital. The challenge for each of us is to find our individual purpose and then to stick with it. We all play a part in making the world tick, and we all want to contribute the best we can give in whatever the world calls upon us to do.”
- Gordy

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Questions to Consider

We invite you to help change the conversation on the end of life and share your thoughts and experiences below:

1. Do I feel my overarching purpose “in the moment” in my last days with the same intensity that I have pursued it throughout my life?

2. Without trying to overdo what’s possible, am I completing the last tasks I feel I must complete to leave life fulfilling the obligations I have committed myself to shoulder?

3. Have I asked for help from others when I recognized that I can no longer personally achieve goals that I have always assumed were my personal obligation?

4. Have I honestly accepted the fact that I will leave things undone… Instead of ruing that reality, have I done my best to entrust tasks and responsibilities to others who can continue my dreams in life when I will no longer be able to?

5. If I have felt remorse or regret about not achieving certain things in my life, have I come to terms with accepting these disappointments? Am I now focused on the positive and doable, instead of dwelling on sadness over lost opportunities?

6. If end of life is not an imminent issue for me now, do I still give purpose the priority it deserves in my daily living?

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